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Diesel Fuel Additives

Pachemtech offers high-class multifunctional additives for Diesel fuels. which improve detergancy and dispergancy of fuels (help to keep clean engine valves and other components of engine systems, reduce deposits etc.), reduce corrosion, provide good lubricity, antifoam and microbiological protection...

We also offer single-formula additives providing one functionality according toclient's needs.

General Overview

Pachemtech does not have long tradition, but our considerable advantage is our staff. Highly experienced, perfectly qualified technologists, chemists and analysts acquired their knowledge and skills during long-year work on refinery technology, manufacturing of fuels, biofuels, and a wide range of additives for gasoline, diesel fuel and biofuels. We are also experienced in development and manufacturing of special kind of additives which can be applied, for example as process chemicals: to enhance or to protect chemical processes and to improve the performance and profitability of operations during oil and gas exploration. 

Our fully equipped with state-of-the art instrumentation analytical laboratory is able to perform reliable analytical services in the range of petroleum products, especially fuels and biofuels as well as environmental monitoring. 
We can serve a large number of clients - not only fuels and biofuels manufacturers and distributors, but also private individuals or institutions requiring consultancy or expert services in the scope of fuels, biofuels or environmental protection.

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