Development and production of our own packages of enriching additives for:

  • gasoline,
  • diesel oils,
  • heating oils,
  • biofuels based on RME (B100, B20, B30),
  • biofuels containing ethanol,
  • other.

Composing and manufacturing additive packages for oil and gas extraction:

  • demulsifiers,
  • corrosion inhibitors,
  • hydrates inhibitors,
  • multifunctional additives,
  • paraffins and asphaltenes inhibitors,
  • depressants,
  • other.

The laboratory offers services in the field of:

  • liquid fuels testing,
  • liquid biofuels and biocomponents testing,
  • other petroleum products testing,
  • assessment of performance effectiveness of multifunctional additives for liquid fuels biofuels,
  • microbiological testing of fuels and biofuels, including the assessment of the effectiveness of biocides.

Pachemtech, at the request of customers, carries out research and development works in the field of:

  • crude oil processing,
  • consultancy and expertise in the field of production and technology of fuels, biofuels and environmental protection,
  • analytics of petroleum products.