Pachem-CWR-1021_5 Oil-soluble corrosion inhibitor for use in the oil-field industry

            PBS                The product was developed as a result of the implementation of the project no. PBS3 / A1 / 15/2015 entitled "Innovative chemicals with the use of modified imidazoline for the refining, oil production, metallurgical and machine industries"                   NCBiR             

General Information:

Pachem-CWR-1021_5 is a high performance, oil-soluble corrosion inhibitor for batch dosing for protection of wells, mining  equipment and pipelines transporting crude oil in crude oil mines.
Pachem-CWR-1021_5 corrosion inhibitor is a film forming corrosion inhibitor for batch dosing. Includes components forming a durable protective film with a thickness of 20-50 micrometers on the surface of the installation, resistant to washing out with crude oil and reservoir water. The corrosion inhibitor Pachem-CWR-1021_5 protects against the action of hydrogen sulphide H2S, carbon dioxide CO2 and chlorides. The protective film prevents pitting and prevents corrosion even. The inhibitor has excellent properties against the formation of oil-water emulsion deposit. The inhibitor shows very good solubility in crude oil, diesel oil, gas condensate and methanol.

Typical properties:

ParameterUnitValueTest method
Appearance at 20 0C  - amber PB-01 - Edition No. 1
Density at 15 0C  kg/m3 850-950 PN-EN ISO 12185:2002
Pour point  0C < -30 PN-ISO 3016:2005
Flash point  0C  < 23 PN-EN ISO 2719:2007
pH of the 1% solution - 4 PB-03 - Edition No. 1
Solubility in hydrocarbons - very good Visual inspection
Cloud Point °C < -20 PN-ISO 3015, ASTM D 2500


The inhibitor is used for the initial protection of boreholes, pole pumps and crude oil transport pipelines. The inhibitor will protect steel instrumentation against corrosion.
 In diluted form, it can also be used in pipelines transporting crude oil and for temporary protection against corrosion and rusting of machines and their parts, transport, steel structures during their storage and transport for a minimum period of 12 months. Additionally, when white spirit is the solvent, it can be used as a solvent maintenance oil intended for temporary protection against atmospheric corrosion of the surface of metal products during their storage, transport and use.

Treat rate:

Pachem-CWR-1021_5 is dosed in portions periodically in the amount of 500-2000 mg / liter of oil and water, which ensures protection against corrosion in the range of 60-90%. For maintenance and protection of steel instrumentation, it can also be applied by brush, spray or dipping.

Before directing the oil-soluble corrosion inhibitor Pachem-CWR-1021_5 to a particular crude oil mine, it is advisable to evaluate its functional properties using crude oil / reservoir water extracted from the crude oil mine. The tendency to emulsify is a typical property of anti-corrosive agents that causes water and a mixture of hydrocarbons to form an emulsion. The formed emulsion may be stable, which significantly degrades the quality of the crude oil. As a preventive measure, it is recommended to check the inhibitor dosage method before use.


Pachem-CWR-1021_5 is available in 200 liter drums or 1000 liter IBCs. Other packagings are available on request.

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