General Information:

Pachem-D-7012 is a unique composition of ionic and nonionic surface active agents. Demulsifier Pachem-D-7012 is used for the breaking up of water-in-oil emulsions. It induces excellent separation in two phases: crude oil and good quality water. It is characterized by good solubility in crude oil and is stable in an applied range of temperatures from -30°C to + 55°C. Pachem-D-7012 does not contain toxic phenolic group. Additionally, demulsifier contains some additives which protect against corrosion.

Typical properties:

ParameterUnitValueTest method
Appearance at 20 0C  -  Amber PB-01 - wydanie 1
Density at 15 0C  kg/m3  840 - 940 PN-EN ISO 12185:2002
Pour point  0C  < - 30 PN-ISO 3016:2005
Flash point  0C  < 55 PN-EN ISO 2719:2007
Lepkość w 40 0C mm2/s   < 10 PN-EN ISO 3104:2004
Solubility in hydrocarbons  -  Very good Visual evaluation


Pachem-D-7012 is dosed to wellheads.
• it lowers salinity of crude oil
• it separates of emulsion water / crude oil in two phases: hydrocarbons and water
• it lowers viscosity of heavy crude oil

Treat rate:

Pachem-D-7012 is dosed into wellbores in the amount of 10 - 80 ppm (by weight) and then is
directed with crude oil to separation system.


Pachem-D-7012 is available in 200-litre barrels or 1000-litre tanks.
Other types of packaging are available on request.

MSDS card (for registered clients only):

Attention: Properties and data provided above are for information purposes only. Detailed properties of the product and guaranteed levels of efficiency are given to our clients in Technical Data Sheets.