The product was developed as a result of the implementation of the project No. POIR.01.01.01-00-037/17
"Innovative demulsifiers and corrosion inhibitors that improve the energy efficiency of crude oil, natural gas and gasoline and reduce water and wastewater pollution in the refining and mining industries"


Ecological Demulsifier Mainly for Offshore Oil Rigs

General Information:

ECO_125 is a multifunctional, ecological demulsifier based on ecological solvents and surfactants, especially of plant origin. ECO_125 perfectly protects against corrosion, paraffin and scale deposits on the installation. ECO_125 has little effect on aquatic organisms.

Typical Physical and Chemical Properties:

ParameterUnitValueTest method
Colour, at 20 ºC  - Colorless PB-01 - Edition 1
Density at 15 ºC  kg/m3 850 - 910 PN-EN ISO 12185:2002
Pour Point ºC < -30 PN-EN ISO 3016:2005
Flash Point ºC > 23 PN-EN ISO 2719:2016
Viscosity at 20 ºC mm2/s > 7 PN-EN ISO 3104:2004


ECO_125 is mainly intended for use on the offshore oil rings, it can also be used in oil mines . ECO_125 intended for use in the extraction of light and heavy crude oil.

Before directing product to a specific drilling platform / oil mine, it is advisable to evaluate its functional properties using crude oil and water taken on a specific drilling platform / in a specific oil mine.

Treat rate:

Typical dosing of ECO_125 is 10-80 ppm continuously, recommended dosage of 30-50 pm based on the total volume of crude oil and water.


ECO_125 is available in 200-litre barrels or 1000-litre tanks. Other types of packaging are available on request.

MSDS card (for registered clients only):

Attention: Properties and data provided above are for information purposes only. Detailed properties of the product and guaranteed levels of efficiency are given to our clients in Technical Data Sheets.