Crude Oil Demulsifier

General Information:

Pachem-DR2720 is a unique composition of ionic and nonionic surface active agents. Demulsifier Pachem-DR2720 is used for the breaking up of water-in-oil emulsions. It induces excellent separation in two phases: crude oil and good quality water. It is characterized by good solubility in crude oil and is stable in an applied range of temperatures from -30°C to + 55°C. Pachem-DR2720 does not contain toxic phenolic groups. Additionally, demulsifier contains some components which protect against corrosion.

Typical Physical and Chemical Properties:

ParameterUnitValueTest method
Colour, at 20 ºC  - Light yellow PB-01 - Edition 1
Density at 15 ºC  kg/m3 880 - 950 PN-EN ISO 12185:2002
Pour Point ºC < -30 PN-EN ISO 3016:2005
Flash Point ºC > 23 PN-EN ISO 2719:2016
Viscosity at 40 ºC mm2/s > 5 PN-EN ISO 3104:2004
Water solubility - Insoluble Visual inspection
Solubility in hydrocarbons - Very good Visual inspection


Pachem-DR2720 is dosed to wellheads. Pachem-DR2720:
• it lowers salinity of crude oil
• it separates of emulsion water / crude oil in two phases: hydrocarbons and water
• it lowers viscosity of heavy crude oil. Pachem-DR2720 can be used also in oil demulsification processes in refineries.

Treat rate:

Pachem-DR2720 is dosed into wellbores in the amount of 10 ppm (by weight) and then is directed with crude oil to separation system. In refineries, demulsifier can be injected in the pipelines and by batch in storage tanks.


Pachem-DR2027 is available in 200-litre barrels or 1000-litre tanks. Other types of packaging are available on request.

MSDS card (for registered clients only):

Attention: Properties and data provided above are for information purposes only. Detailed properties of the product and guaranteed levels of efficiency are given to our clients in Technical Data Sheets.