PACHEM-OO-4018_5 - Preservative oil

            PBS                The product was developed as a result of the implementation of the project no. PBS3 / A1 / 15/2015 entitled "Innovative chemicals with the use of modified imidazoline for the refining, oil production, metallurgical and machine industries"                   NCBiR             

General Information:

Temporary protection of manufactured metal products against corrosion covers an activities protecting them against corrosion and rusting during their processing, assemblage, storage, transport and use. Corrosion is caused by the presence of oxygen, water, acids, temperature changes, acidic vapors, high humidity, sweat from the hands and other harmful substances. An important factor influencing the course of corrosion processes is the chemical composition of the product. Carbon steels are much easier corrodes than alloy steels. The surface quality and the degree of processing of the metal as well as the type of treatment the metal  have a large influence. Temporary protection consists in the maintenance of metal products with easily removable or not requiring removal preservatives and in protective packaging.  Preservative  oils should be applied to a clean surface as soon as possible after metal treatment to prevent corrosion from oxygen, water, acids, temperature changes, acid vapors, high humidity and other harmful substances. Pachem-OO-4018_5 is a maintenance oil containing deeply refined petroleum oils without aromas and functional additives preventing corrosion of steel and copper, dispersing, dehydrating and antioxidants.

Typical properties:

ParameterUnitValueTest method
Appearance at 20 0C  -  light yelow liquid PB-01 - Edition No. 1
Density at 15 0C  kg/m3 830-900 PN-EN ISO 12185:2002
Pour point  0C < -20 PN-ISO 3016:2005
Flash point  0C  > 95 PN-EN ISO 2719:2007
Viscosity at  40 °C mm²/s 4-6 PN-EN ISO 3104:2004
Solubility in hydrocarbons - very good Visual inspection
Acid Number mg KOH/g <2 PN-85/C-04066
Saponification number mg KOH/g 3-8 PN-83/C-04043
Cloud Point °C < -15 PN-ISO 3015, ASTM D 2500


Pachem-OO-4018_5 is intended for medium-term temporary protection against atmospheric corrosion of the surface of metal products, including rolling bearings, during their storage, transport and use, depending on the storage conditions, from 8 to 15 months. Pachem-OO-4018_5 creates a soft-coat, regular, durable protective layer, showing the ability to displace moisture from protected surfaces and has good protective properties against changing weather conditions. It is characterized by low viscosity, forms thin oil layers with a thickness of up to 2 micrometers with good protective properties. It shows good adhesion to metal, has a high ability to displace water from the metal surface, and does not have a tendency to emulsify with water. It is characterized by a low pour point and enables the operation of precision products protected with maintenance oil at low temperatures, i.e. down to -40 ° C. It has a high flash point and therefore does not pose any problems during storage. It shows good lubricating properties, therefore it has the properties of lubricating oil and does not require removal before starting the operation of the device.

Pachemtech sp. z o.o. also manufactures Pachem-OO-4018_`5 preservatives (viscosity class 15-20 mm2 / s) intended for medium-term (up to 15 months) corrosion protection of metal products, creating thin protective layers.

Treat rate:

The surface to be preserved with oil should be dry, free from rust and dust. PACHEM-OO-4018_5 preservative oil is  cold-applied by spraying, lubrication and dipping.


Pachem-OO-4018_5 is available in 200 liter drums or 1000 liter IBCs. Other packagings are available on request.

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