Oil Field Additives


Note that some corrosion inhibitors are also presented in cathegory: multifunctional additives or additives for special applications


Gas hydrate - a substance consisting of solidified water molecules containing gas molecules inside their structure

  • High pressure, low temperature and the presence of water favor the formation of hydrates.
  • Blocking of the pipelines can occur as the result of the formation of hydrates?

Kinetic Inhibitors of hydrates  containing KHI (Kinetic Hydrate Inhibitor agent) from LDHI group (Low Dosage Hydrate Inhibitors)

- Kinetic inhibitors of  hydrates
- Di-functional  Kinetic inhibitors of  hydrates and inhibitors of corrosion

Conventional inhibitors of hydrates
- Di-functional Thermodynamic inhibitors of hydrates and corrosion

Hydrates inhibitors are used in both: crude oil and gas production
Di-functional inhibitors of corrosion and hydrates effectively protect against hydrates formation and protect at the same time against corrosion in agreasive environments containing  CO2, H2S and chlorides.

Note that some hydrate inhibitors are presented also in category: multifunctional additives.